Mile High Drain
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Professional Drain Cleaning in the Denver, CO Metro Area

At Mile High Drain we can clean any drain line from different points of access and clean all the way to city main lines to open plugged lines for commercial or residential lines. We guide cutting blades through drain lines to remove or push through the drains to clear the line and restore, proper drainage flow to get you back in business!
We service many commercial places ranging from Hospitals, high rises, apartments, restaurants, to large warehouses. We are equipped to clear any size drain in a very timely manner. We understand the importance of keeping your business running.
Approximately 75% of all residential drains are sewer lines clogged with tree roots. Older homes before 1984 have a clay tile sewer lines in the yard and the clay tile is connected by sections every 4' with a rubber seal that tree roots love to penetrate. We always use a 4” pear shaped blade to trim out all of the roots. If you have a line with roots, we recommend a yearly preventative maintenance to help you avoid bigger and more costly repairs.
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