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Camera & Pipe Locating Services in the Denver, CO Metro Area

If you suspect your line is broken, damaged or has an object in the line that could require removing the line itself, the best option is to first run a Camera to get a full color picture of the inside of your line. This will give you exact knowledge of the problem and location of that problem.

A Camera is also typically run for home inspections. If you are considering buying a home built before 1980, it's a VERY good idea to have a video inspection of your sewer line as it can save you thousands of dollars. Time and time again we have seen people buy homes without a sewer inspection only to be stuck with thousands of dollars of excavation cost to replace their sewer line. Know before you buy.

At Mile High Drain we also do locating; this is a good option when you need to know where your line is or where a broken spot in your line is at. In addition, we are capable of creating a custom map of your properties sewer lines. The locating equipment can determine the depth of your line and the direction the line is running.
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